Individual & Couples

Sometimes, we just need someone to listen to our story so we are not bound by our negative experiences and emotions. Counseling provides a safe outlet to explore, learn, challenge, and grow as individuals and/or as a couple.

Individual Counseling

My approach to individual counseling involves exploring the past and how that impacts the present and the future. By working together through past issues or traumas, clients are better equipped to live fully in the present and to prepare for their future.

Couples Counseling

My approach to couples counseling involves guiding couples in reconnecting, learning how to overcome conflict, dealing with life’s many transitions, identifying their shared goals, and/or letting go of the past. It is about making a positive, lasting change – as one unit. Through therapy, individuals become aware of their own unhealthy habits, thinking patterns, and actions, as well as the impact it can have on their loved ones.

Video Counseling

I offer counseling/coaching via telephone, Zoom, Skype and Facetime to people interested or committed to therapy/coaching. Individual and couples counseling/coaching sessions are only available in this format as I no longer have an office.

Without a doubt, fit is important for everyone involved. Because of my strong belief in this concept, I offer a free 30-minute session to new clients to determine if we are a therapeutic match. There are no hidden obligations or expectations here – only the opportunity for us to meet one another. I am available for sessions via telephone, Zoom, Skype, and Facetime.

Please call 402.881.8125 to see if this is a good fit for you.

About Me

I have always enjoyed helping people better their lives. So much, in fact, I decided to leave the accounting industry in 2000, and after many different work experiences, I pursued my dream of becoming a counselor. As a native Londoner, moving to the United States was a major change, yet I knew great things were to come: I married Kris, became a US citizen, owned and operated several businesses, and earned a master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and Counselor Education. I believe that by having a culturally different worldview coupled with my own life experiences and challenges, I am able to provide clients with alternative perspectives and options. Since 2008, I have assisted individuals and couples in healing past traumas, exploring what they want out of life, and learning how to effectively manage obstacles – ultimately resulting in a sense of freedom and happiness.

What Makes Mountain Counseling Different

Although it is important to learn from and embrace lessons from our past, my sessions tend to focus on solutions and results. By utilizing strengths-based approaches and emotionally-focused therapy techniques, I gently assist clients with the often-avoided exercise of looking inward to elicit a positive shift. What is it that troubles you? How does this make you feel? What holds you back? What do you enjoy/excel at? What can be done differently going forward?

Oftentimes, these questions are difficult to answer and may require a non-biased outsider’s perspective, guidance, and support. This is exactly my role as your counselor.

Take Your Life To A New Level?

Passion, persistence, and patience are the primary ingredients in the recipe for true happiness and unbound success. Learn how to live, love, and embrace all three to kick your life up a notch. Please call 402.881.8125 to set up an appointment.