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Everyone faces challenges. We all occasionally feel stuck, not heard, or lost. Mountain Counseling provides a safe, confidential environment where you can be heard, understood, and learn to navigate the waters of change.

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Are You Ready To Address Your Challenges?

Learning how to explore and address your challenges is a simple concept, but not necessarily an easy endeavor. Through collaborative exploration, we will discover what happiness looks like for you and how you can fully embrace it. Please call 402.881.8125 to set up an appointment.

What Makes Mountain Counseling Different

In addition to all the licensure and my counseling background, I have personally experienced and successfully navigated challenges that have included moving from England, a mid-life career change, infertility, childhood issues, and marriage hurdles. I understand and embrace the value of counseling as a tool to help you identify and address the core issues, so that you can focus on living your ideal life.

I moved to the USA to join my husband in 1999. In my early 40s, I changed my career path from that of a certified accountant to embrace my dream and purpose of becoming a counselor. I have owned companies with my Entrepreneur husband and have weathered numerous life changes. I understand that everybody faces challenges, and though they are different for each of us, they are all very real. I also know that when these issues are addressed, the world is a wonderful place.

Therapy and coaching are not one-way streets. I believe that for therapy or coaching to be successful, participants need to be willing to be open, honest, and have a genuine desire for change. The right counselor will help empower this process and reduce the bumps along the way.

I believe the right “fit” is important for us to work well together. You have to trust me and we have to establish a solid rapport. I also need to feel comfortable that we can work together. Because of this, I am willing to provide you with 30 minutes of my time, at no cost or obligation to you, so that we can explore together if we are a good fit. We can do this over the phone, Zoom, Skype and Facetime.

Please call 402.881.8125 to see if this is a good fit for you.

Exclusive Services Offered By Mountain Counseling


Feeling a loss of control in your emotions, misunderstood, frustrated, completely alone, and not understanding why? This may manifest as grief, depression, anxiety, fear, anger, sorrow, or a combination of several of these. It does not have to continue this way.


Whereas counseling works through the challenges of the past, coaching addresses the opportunities and fears of the present, as well as the direction for the future. In some cases, you may feel things are great, but you know they can be better. In other instances, you may be facing the challenges of feeling stuck, a lack of spousal alignment, lost, or without purpose. Coaching can help.


You know you have more to offer and that there is more to life, but you are unsure what that looks like, let alone how to obtain it. If you find yourself asking, “What’s Next?,” these retreats may be for you. By connecting with your partner through various activities, you both will learn about dreaming big and will discover how to embrace the life you deserve.

Are You Ready To Grow Your Relationship Stronger?

Our retreats are held at a private house that accommodates eight couples. An onsite chef will prepare all the meals, so you can remain fully focused during this time.

These retreats are designed to help you unwind and explore where you want to take your relationship.

Discover What’s Next for your life and create a plan to live your ideal life – together.

Take Your Life To A New Level?

Passion, persistence, and patience are the primary ingredients in the recipe for true happiness and unbound success. Learn how to live, love, and embrace all three to kick your life up a notch. Please call 402.881.8125 to set up an appointment.