Transitions happen. If because of an empty nest, career change, business sale, medical scare, relationship transition, or any number of life-changing events, you find yourself asking, “What’s Next?,” these retreats may be for you.

Retreats Exclusively For Couples

We have found that many couples are craving a process to help them reconnect, refocus, and create a plan to achieve these dreams, not only identifying what the next chapter in life will look like, but to dream big, thrive, and embrace the life they know they can have.

This process is not always easy, but it is worth it. Through our three-day retreats, lives can be changed. We take couples through a variety of exercises that include:

    • A 60-item questionnaire to establish a baseline of your current life balance
    • Group discussions on what success looks like in today’s society and on your terms
    • Discovering your True North, true priorities, and inner compass
    • Establishing a personal and shared Life-Changing Goal (LCG)
    • Creation of personal and shared Annual Goals
    • Creation of personal and shared Quarterly Objectives
    • Identification of metrics to track your ongoing performance
    • Visualization of a successful year
    • Creation of a Bucket List of dreams to achieve
    • Creation of clearly documented next steps and dates to achieve them
    • And more!

    These results are achieved through open, honest, and candid group coaching, and individual facilitation.

    Who should attend?

    Any couple who is feeling stuck and looking for more out of life should attend these retreats. Everyone will need to be willing to be open with their partner, respectful of the other participants, and excited about the prospects of where the process could lead. A couple will be interviewed by either Kris or me to determine which retreat group is the ideal fit.

    Where do we go?

    These confidential retreats currently happen at a private house that can accommodate 16 people, with a chef to prepare all the meals. Each retreat is intimate and limited to eight couples.

    If you are interested in having Reka and Kris facilitate your own group, please reach out to us.

    Who facilitates the retreats?

    Kris and I are experienced facilitators and the creators of this process. We not only teach this process, we live it. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a private counseling and coaching practice in Omaha,  Nebraska and Leadville, Colorado, where I work with couples and individuals. Kris is a professionally trained senior business leadership facilitator, strategist, trusted advisor, and coach. We have refined this process over 20 years and used this exact method to live our Best Life.

    Take Your Life To A New Level?

    Passion, persistence, and patience are the primary ingredients in the recipe for true happiness and unbound success. Learn how to live, love, and embrace all three to kick your life up a notch. Please call 402.881.8125 to set up an appointment.